Ohmstede has performed shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturing for companies around the globe, including Canada, Mexico, Central and Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and China.

With six manufacturing facilities located along the Gulf Coast and California, Ohmstede is conveniently located to major ports throughout the U.S. Crating, nitrogen purging, shrink-wrapping and vapor resistant packing are all shipping options for exported products.

With the capacity to respond from six locations and nearly 500,000 feet of manufacturing space, Ohmstede can build multiple units with short lead times in a very efficient manner. We can respond to your material requirements using domestic or imported materials.

Ohmstede builds to ASME, TEMA and API 660 industrial standards. For more information about our international manufacturing capabilities, or to submit a request for proposal, please email: sales@ohmstede.net

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