Your single point of responsibility in the field and shop

Heat exchangers are mission-critical components that directly affect the overall reliability, energy efficiency and output of an entire refinery or petrochemical plant. While types and designs of equipment vary, overall dependability rests with the quality of its manufacture and ongoing maintenance. This is where Ohmstede partners with customers every step of the way.

Ohmstede integrates turnaround services and specialty field maintenance services with in-shop repair and new equipment fabrication capabilities. This integration lets us handle jobs of any size and degree of difficulty while minimizing downtime and delivering cost benefits. Our shops and field services locations are strategically located on the Gulf Coast and in southern California and are fully coordinated, giving customers rapid response times throughout the continental U.S. and worldwide.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturing & Repair

Shell & Tube Exchanger Fabrication

Ohmstede specializes in manufacturing custom shell and tube heat exchangers, one the most widely used types of equipment in refineries and petrochemical plants. We fabricate units ranging from pipe-sized lube oil...

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Shell & Tube Exchanger Repair

Heat exchangers are mission-critical components – when they fail, they can create multi-million dollar losses due to reduced or lost production associated with unplanned down time. Exchangers and tube bundles are...

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Ohmstede provides both in-shop and on-site cleaning services that includes a decoking oven and hydroblasting options. While cleaning is usually done on equipment that is returning to service, we also clean equipment...

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Ohmstede collaborates with some of the world’s leading refiners and engineers to build heat exchanger components to meet specific process challenges with innovative, proprietary designs.

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Turnaround & Specialty Maintenance

Turnaround Services

The Ohmstede team is with you from the time the first nut is loosened through the time we’ve buttoned up the last bolt, performed final inspections and conducted post-project reviews. Customers have a single point of...

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Specialty Maintenance Services

Due to emergencies or planned outages, Ohmstede completes on average more than 4,000 projects on heat exchangers and related equipment annually. We integrate specialty field maintenance services with...

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Embedded Specialty Maintenance

Want to make lengthy shutdowns a thing of the past? At Ohmstede, we’re helping our customers work towards that goal by providing embedded specialty maintenance programs. These are ongoing, progressive...

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