Shell & Tube Exchanger Repair

Heat exchangers are mission-critical components – when they fail, they can create multimillion dollar losses due to reduced or lost production associated with unplanned down time. Exchangers and tube bundles are subject to fouling in even moderate operation. They can be maintenance intensive due to erosion, corrosion and other issues. That’s why Ohmstede is responsive to customer needs and provides value-driven in-plant and in-shop services.

Onsite Emergency Repair
All Ohmstede shop locations are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week in order to handle unplanned repair needs. We can mobilize quickly to help get your operations back up and running quickly.

Ohmstede has unmatched retube capabilities. Whether the tube bundle is 12-inches or 120-inches in diameter, we handle jobs quickly. We partner with suppliers and stock thousands of feet of the most popular tube sizes and material types and our forging vendors and plate suppliers respond immediately to our calls to help customers out of a bind. Often, Ohmstede receives a bundle for retubing and can ship the completely retubed bundle back to the customer in one to three days.

Ohmstede can re-rate existing exchangers based on current operating conditions to the current version of the ASME code. When supplied with the appropriate information, Ohmstede can perform all the calculations necessary to ensure compliance with the current code. In conjunction with an updated hydrotest and an ASME inspection, the exchanger will receive a new nameplate with an updated rating.

Whether testing to Ohmstede’s standard shop hydrotest pressure of 100-150 psi or to ASME requirements, we can comply to customers' hydrotest requirements. When hydrotesting either the shell side or the tube side, we use potable water from municipal water suppliers and can include corrosion inhibitors in the water.

Component Replacement and Repair
With our world-class engineering, design, machining and welding technology, Ohmstede can repair or replace any heat exchanger component. From steel, to brass, to martinsitic and austinitic stainless steels, monel and titanium, we can machine it, build it, weld it, repair it or replace it.

Design & Thermal Rating
Engineers at our corporate office utilize HTRI thermal and vibration software for rating/sizing heat exchangers as well as RCS and AutoCAD design software. In addition to the corporate engineering department, an engineer and a drafter are located at each shop to respond to the local plant needs for engineering repair.

Photo used with permission of EMbaffle™ B.V.