Specialty Field Maintenance Services

Due to emergencies or planned outages, Ohmstede completes on average more than 4,000 projects on heat exchangers and related equipment annually. We integrate specialty field maintenance services with in-shop repair and new equipment fabrication capabilities to give customers the benefit of a single point of responsibility for total project management.

Repair and Retubing Services

Ohmstede offers on-site or in-shop repair and retubing services for shell and tube heat exchangers, evaporators, refrigeration units, air coolers, oil coolers, quench coolers, boilers and surface condensers.

Bundle Extraction

Ohmstede owns and operates the latest generation and widest variety of bundle extraction equipment available today. We safely extract and install tube bundles for shell and tube heat exchangers in virtually any location, whether it’s a tight spot under piping or more than 100-feet in the air.

Truck-mounted Extractors – This equipment is safer for workers because cranes and additional rigging are not required. We can transport bundles directly to our shop for cleaning and repair.

Crawler Bundle Extractors
– Ohmstede was the first in the industry to utilize crawler bundle extractors, which have a low profile providing greater access to tight areas. All functions are remotely controlled for added safety.

Hydraulic Aerial Extraction – Our capabilities range up to 32-feet. and are safer and more efficient than conventional mechanical extraction methods.

Bolting Services

  • Torquing for all sizes of bolts – We have a full range of the latest generation equipment to ensure proper adherence to specs. A bolt that is too tight can be just as hazardous as one that isn’t tight enough.
  • Stud Tensioning – Our stud tensioning equipment and experienced operators load fasteners to a predetermined level to reduce distortion and deformation to components.
  • Nut Splitting – fast, positive, safe methods of removing corroded or seized nuts or bolts of any grade.
  • Stud Extraction that uses safe and fast methods to remove even large-diameter studs.
  • Ultrasonic monitoring equipment to measure residual stud stress.

Field Machining

  • Tube sheet gasket surfaces, pass partitions, flange resurfacing/machining
  • Pipecutting and beveling services with a full range of equipment that can handle equipment up to 60 inches in diameter.
  • Milling
  • Drilling and tapping