Technology Solutions

Ohmstede collaborates with some of the world’s leading refiners and engineers to build heat exchanger components to meet specific process challenges with innovative, proprietary designs. Our goal is to create ongoing improvements and help customers gain greater efficiencies from new and existing equipment.

CB & I / Lummus Helical Baffle Technology
Helixchanger® -- Special shell and tube heat exchanger that can be constructed with quadrant shaped baffles positioned at an angle to the tube axis creating a uniform velocity helical flow through the tube bundle. Benefits include low fouling characteristics and longer run time between scheduled cleaning.

ConocoPhillips RODbaffle® Technology
RODbaffle® technology uses positive four-point tube support to minimize tube vibration and minimizes pressure drop.

ExxonMobil DTS®
Under an exclusive license agreement with ExxonMobil, Ohmstede manufactures and installs Dimple Tube Supports (DTS) and Saddle Tube Supports (STS) to eliminate vibration. DTS and STS components are custom designed strips for insertion between tubes. DTS and STS strips can be added either in the shop when constructing a new unit or in the field when retrofitting tube bundles.

EMbaffle™ Technology
Exclusive U.S. license agreement for this expanded metal baffle technology, which is similar to a conventional segmental heat exchanger. It has uniform longitudinal flow on the shell-side (no stagnant zones) and local cross flow (breaking up boundary layer and improving performance). It has a three-dimensional shape with uniform open flow area. Design creates a low pressure drop and less/lower rates of fouling on the shell-side, provides essentially no risk for tube vibration failure, provides for energy & CO2 specific savings and allows for increased run time between cleaning.