Turnaround Services


Pre-project planning and ongoing management are key ingredients to maintaining strict budgets and timelines.

Based on our years of industry experience, Ohmstede knows to ask the right questions up front to specify the details and streamline workflow.

Our team of full-time planners use Primavera software to develop detailed work plans that define the scope of work and provide all documentation required for a detailed job estimate. We also build clear quality control and inspection requirements into each work plan.

During the project, planners and on-site managers use baseline analysis to understand and report daily progress, track and report detailed costs and estimates to the customer, and incorporate scope changes into detailed plans and cost estimates.

General Contracting

We handle all general contracting for subcontracted services as needed.


We provide time and material as well as lump sum estimates to meet budget and operational considerations.

Field and Shop Integration

We provide seamless coordination with our six shop locations providing: