Case Study: BP Carson Refinery

The Challenge

Near the end of a large turnaround project, BP Carson, Calif. Refinery discovered they needed to replace five additional heat exchanger bundles in 10 days to stay on schedule.

The Ohmstede Solution

Typically, it might take 8 to 10 weeks to manufacture 5, 50-inch diameter bundles with 1,300 tubes each. By utilizing the resources of both our Redman shop in Torrance, Calif. and Beaumont, Texas, shops, Ohmstede was able to build all five new bundles simultaneously in only 6 days – delivering them two days ahead of schedule including transportation time.

The Satisfied Customer Response

BP awarded Ohmstede and its Redman team with its “Extra Mile” award in recognition that the company would not have been able to complete its massive turnaround project on time without the commitment, dedication and capabilities of Ohmstede and its Redman team in California.