Made in America for more than 100 years

For more than a century, Ohmstede has been one of the most trusted names in American manufacturing. German immigrant August Ohmstede founded the company in 1905 as a small auto repair and job shop in Beaumont, Texas.

Discovery of oil at Spindletop in 1901 placed Beaumont at the epicenter of the East Texas oil boom. Ohmstede quickly adapted by offering metal fabrication services to the fledgling, but rapidly growing, oil industry. The result was the extraordinary expansion of Ohmstede’s business. By the 1940s, Ohmstede was building and repairing shell and tube heat exchangers for the thriving local oil refining industry.

By the mid-1980s, Ohmstede was the market leader for manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers in the U.S. Throughout the ’80s, the company continued to grow and expand into multiple locations around the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

In 2003, Ohmstede made a bold, innovative move, purchasing United Industrial Services, the leader in bundle extraction services for the refining industry, forming the basis of Ohmstede Industrial Services (OIS). We are able to offer a single point of responsibility for heat exchanger maintenance, repair, and manufacturing. OIS has grown to include many related services including bolt torquing, bundle extraction/insertion, and more.

Ohmstede expanded to the West Coast with the purchase of Redman Equipment & Manufacturing Co. in 2008.

Today, with more than 1,000 employees working out of eight locations, Ohmstede quickly responds to fabrication and repair needs for heat exchangers and other related equipment anywhere in North America.