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The leader for all your turnaround, specialty maintenance, and heat exchanger fabrication needs

Ohmstede is the only company that offers fully integrated turnaround and specialty maintenance services with state-of-the-art shell and tube heat exchanger fabrication and repair under "one roof." We're the largest U.S. manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers, including replacement tube bundles, channels and shells. Ohmstede earns our customers' trust every day, offering a single point of accountability to oversee your total project needs in the field to the shop and back again.



OHMSTEDE is ONE SOURCE for Field, Shop, and Cleaning for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Valero: Ohmstede service, shop outstanding

For more than 100 years, the Ohmstede name has been steeped in employee loyalty, pride of workmanship and a tireless focus on customer service.

Outstanding Safety Record

Ohmstede's business is people, pure and simple. As such, our focus on the welfare of our employees never wavers and our safety record proves it.


Ohmstede collaborates with some of the world’s leading refiners and engineers to build heat exchanger components to meet specific process challenges with innovative, proprietary designs...

Embedded Specialty Maintenance

Want to make lengthy shutdowns a thing of the past? At Ohmstede, we’re helping our customers work toward that goal by providing embedded specialty maintenance programs...